The source of Readable Yaesu manuals.

Not to be confused with the 'Free' crap that's out there !

How many times have you tried to carry out repairs or adjustments on a radio only to find that you can't read the component numbers on the pathetic, free download manual, that you have?

Well you have come to the right place. I have been repairing radios for over 50 years, sometimes with only a crap photo-copy to work from.
So, I have spent many hours cleaning these manuals to get them into a state that I, personally, find acceptable for carrying out repairs and mods.
Some of the photographs leave a lot to be desired, but since I don't have the sort of software that is used by 'American CSI' for image enhancement
then I'm afraid that they are the best that I can do, at present.

One of the biggest problems with the free stuff that you can find on Google is that it looks as though it has all come from the same cock-eyed originals, covered in big black areas, with unreadable part numbers and saved as a .jpg image, sometimes in black & white and producing totally useless images. The big problem with .jpg images is that every time you save them, the same compression algorithm is applied and the quality goes down.
This applies to your family photos, not just to these manuals, so be warned. Don't save your photos in jpeg format if you intend to edit them later.
Of course, you can change the compression ratio that your program uses, but by default most programs will tend to save the file as small as possible and that's where the
problem arises.

Many of these free files have had a logo added showing who uploaded it ??? Personally I wouldn't want my name associated with most of this crap.
My cleaned pdf files have no added logos/names and they are not protected in any way, so they will probably all be downloaded and sold on ebay for profit.

If you need a useable copy of any of the files in the list then just let me know and I will do my best to produce one..

I am slowly adding to the list of clean files so keep an eye on the site to see what's new.

The Copyright of these manuals remains with the appropriate company. I am simply trying to improve the quality of the Free crap that's out there.