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Assorted Antenna tuners based on the MFJ-948/949 series
 Vectronics VC-300DLP    The Vectronics is based on the MFJ-948/949
 Vectronics VC-300M     The VC-300M is a single meter, unbalanced version of the VC-300DLP
 JetStream 300D      The Jetstream JT300D is a re-branded VC-300DLP so all of the VC-300DLP info applies.
 MFJ-949c Cross needle swr/power meter, balanced /unbalanced. No Peak / RMS power meter
 MFJ-949e Cross needle swr/power meter, balanced /unbalanced with Peak/RMS power meter
 MFJ-989 Cross needle swr/power meter, Roller inductor, balanced /unbalanced with Peak/RMS power meter, rated at 3kW

N.B. I have seen at least 4 different pdf files on the web under the name MFJ-949 which are totally NOT MFJ-949's. The part numbers are different and the schematics are not exactly the same. One of them was the 300M with single meter and no balun, although it was clearly labelled MFJ-949.pdf. I think the early 948 was the single meter version but there seems to be absolutely no info on the 948 that includes a schematic diagram, so I assume it is basically the same as the 949, possibly without the dummy load..
If anyone can supply a schematic of the 948 I would be pleased to add it to this list.