Get rid of those Annoying Skype mood message updates that just keep filling up your home page

It is possible to delete those annoying mood message updates but it requires an unsupported "fix", but it works ok on the 4 machines in my house.

You must stop Skype from running on your computer before deleting/renaming this file. That means Right Clicking the Skype Icon in the Taskbar
and choosing 'Quit'. Clicking [Close] or [X] won't close the program, it will just close the window.

This fix is for XP but should work with any operating system, although the folder/file location may not be the same and you may have to go search for it.
See 3 lines up from the bottom of this text for the file location in XP

Go to [Start]   [Run]   [Open] and type in   %appdata%\skype

This will open your Skype User folder, which in my case is 'mickg3upa', and the keyval.db file that you need to change is in there.

You need to delete or re-name the keyval.db database file.
Probably best just to re-name this file to say, keyvalOld.db so you can get it back when it all falls over.

Next time you start Skype a new version of this file will be automatically created and all mood message updates will be removed from your home page.
Note that this will remove ALL mood messages, not just your own!

Alternatively, if you are not happy with command line input, goto:-
C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Skype\yourskypename\ and re-name keyval.db

And if you fall off that wall and break your leg, don't come running to me....

Likewise, if Skype crashes and you have to re-install, don't come running to me