Wireless Map of Great Britain c.1924 Note:-This file is 6.3Mb Click Here for the Interactive Map
Please Read this Before you start yelling "It doesn't work"
The Interactive map has been tested in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I can't answer for other browsers.
You need Java script enabled on your PC to use the Points Of Interest (POI's) on the map. If you get a message re: ActiveX then Enable it.
The POI's were added as a bit of fun for Radio1933 regulars, most of whom have links from the map.
Click on the Blue Interactive Link, top-right, for a 10 times magnified view of the clean map, which will open in a new window.
Depending on your PC and your Internet connection speed, it could take some time to download. It is 6.3MB
When the magnified map opens you will see the top left-hand corner of the map shown below, which is the Isle of Skye.
If you hover over any of the large, circular 'Directional Diagrams' in the enlarged map, you will see a list of POI's in that area.
If you move your mouse to any of the borders of the magnified map, you will see a 'tooltip' box containing a short version of these instructions.
Simply use the scroll bars, Arrow keys or scroll-wheel to move the map around.
If you don't see a Standard mouse pointer or the help popup when the enlarged map opens
then you are probably going nowhere and none of the POI's will be displayed.
To check if all is working, move your mouse to 'Waternish Pt' around the top-left of the initial magnified view.
You should see a popup box showing 'Waternish Point and Lighthouse'. If you left-click, while this popup box is showing, a new window will open.
If there is NO popup box showing there is NO point in clicking.
   I am slowly adding Marconi Coast Radio stations and LOTA Lighthouses to the map, when I can find info' on them.
If you have any info on stations not listed then please feel free to use the [Comment] link and I will be happy to add it.
Likewise if there is anything that you would like to see removed, [Comment]
This is the map as I received it. i.e. before I, G3UPA cleaned it up
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