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Click this link to goto GMX storage. Most 756 manuals available there.
IC-756 Instruction manual Original 72 page manual 1.28MB A4 format
IC-756 Service manual Original 132 page manual 46.5MB A4 format
IC-756Pro operating guide poor quality copy 2.88MB A4 format
IC-756Pro Service manual Original 93 page manual 17.3MB A4 format
IC-756Pro II Service manual Original 105 page service manual 16.57MB A4 format
IC-756Pro II Instruction manual Original 88 page manual 1.69MB A4 format
IC-756Pro II A3 layouts Boards and mechanical layouts 15.42MB A3 format
IC-756Pro III Service manual Original 118 page manual 19.6MB A4 format
IC-756Pro III operating manual Original 120 page manual 2.57MB A4 format